Truckers bring needed relief to those in need after Sandy

by TJ on November 13, 2012

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy many of the US was left stranded in need of basic supplies. Drivers stepped up and one by one they headed east. Many of the larger companies are just sending trucks filled with basic supplies to help in the effort. There are convoys of water and ready meals for the American Red Cross. While others were loaded up with general freight and were ready to take on the challenging roads. Not all the roads were clear. Many of them were in need of inspection before commercial traffic was to be allowed to travel on them;specific navigation was to happen to get the products to those who needed them the most.

Many of the home improvement stores were taking as many trucks as they can each day.The need was greater than the product that was on hand. Lowes and Home Depot reported that they were taking all the trucks they could get. Wood, tools, nails, chain saws, generators top the list, but anything that will help clear up debris and pave the way to normalcy for these people will be of great need not just now but in the days to come as well.

Medical supplies were also in great demand as many people were in need of prescriptions and general medications. Once again the truckers stepped up. Truck after truck was sent to the east coast to deliver these lifesaving medications to those in need. Not only was the medicine in great demand, so was the power that these drug stores had. Several of them run by generators had people coming to them in droves as the people searched for a way to get to an outlet to recharge their cell phones and electronic devises. CVS Pharmacies one of the area’s larger pharmacies took a preemptive look at the situation. In the week prior to Sandy they sent generators and extra supplies to the area that they thought would be most affected. The trucks brought an influx of medications and pharmacy related items including the generators and fuel that would be needed to keep these generators running smoothly. They encouraged others to make emergency kits.

People helping people has always been the American way. Truckers a helping person has been the way things have been done since there have been trucks. Drivers are the backbone of the country, when drivers move what we need we all are the better for it. Truckers will bring in and then take out everything we will need to rebuild this area.

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