Truck Drivers – Superman Heroes of the Road

by TJ on April 5, 2012

Many people think of truck drivers as just someone who drives a truck down the highway. In reality, they have saved many lives with quick action, when it suddenly appears that someone is in danger. Here at Houston we are happy to acknowledge the courage of drivers who are driving the kinds of trucks we offer. Whether new or used, these trucks carry the best drivers in the world. Of course, this article cannot name them all but here are a few examples.

John Neumeier a dairy truck driver from Russia, Ohio. Saw a car plunge into an eight-foot-deep pond. He jumped from the truck, dove in the pond, and used a wrench to break a car window to rescue a 63-year-old man.

Mike Schiotis of Spring Hill, Tenn. Rescued a woman who was walking along the road with a man pointing a gun at her head. Positioning himself between the woman and the gunman, Mike got her into his truck and drove her to safety, while notifying the police.

John Crozman of Black Hawk, S.D. Rescued an elderly couple parked at the side of the road during a severe snowstorm, trying to keep warm with a candle. He took them into his warm sleeper cab and made sure they were rescued the next day.

Melville Farnell of Shelburne, Ontario. Driving down the highway, he was hit by a car. This caused the truck to veer and jackknife. The car was smashed and the driver was unconscious. Melville jumped from his truck and got the driver out just before the car exploded.

T.J. Lyon, of Spanish Fork, Utah. Aided in the capture of a murder suspect who was a passenger in his truck. Because of the passenger’s erratic conversation, Lyon sent a text to his sister, who was able to contact police. They stopped the truck and captured the suspect.

These are just a few of the many valiant truck drivers who face unknown dangers on the road. Everyday a driver somewhere risks his life to save others. These unsung heroes are ever on the alert for drunken drivers, auto accidents, and other events that can occur any time, on or off road. Hats off to all truck drivers everywhere!!!

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