New Software For Truck Owners/Operators

Jim McCormack

For truck owners/operators new software just released by Aljex is expected to be a hit.  The Driver Pay Dashboard is a new software tool that displays information to manage and pay for services by accessing a single screen.  For many truck owners/operators the advantages of this type of tracking system is proving to be highly efficient.


The Vision software is hosted on the internet and used by the Driver Pay Dashboard.  It provides a multitude of information as well as provides an organizational tool that accurately and quickly manages accounts.  Driver’s current loads as well as loads waiting for payment can be viewed with the touch of a single button.  Additionally, it also provides information on pending pay deductions for drivers and escrow accounts and balances.

When taking on the responsibilities of a business owner there are many facets which, although may appear less important on the surface, are actually critical to success.  With this type of software, however, all paperwork and supporting documentation is readily available and easy to input.  For example, regardless of where you may be, to be able to link a driver/carrier’s history, qualifications, compliance, vacation hours, and all supporting documentation needed by accessing a single screen at one time was unfathomable.

With today’s software technology, however, these features along an invoicing system that scans required documentation for updating invoices is not only available, but easier to use than ever.  Additionally, it can all be completed in the time it takes to process a driver’s paperwork.  Ultimately, this software design has totally changed the way driver’s pay is processed.

Let’s say you have a load come in and you want to pay the driver right away.  With the touch of a button Aljex provides the needed information by touching the screen indicating the type of transaction to be carried.  The Dashboard instantly assigns a check number and even prints it out.  According to CEO Tom Heine, “With Driver Pay Dashboard everything you need to manage and pay drivers is in one place and checks can be cut at a terminal, an agent office, as well as at headquarters.”

One of the greatest advantages is that not only office sites, but the truckers themselves have access to personal information.  For example, the truck mounted dashboards will display a driver’s load and payment histories, compliance, escrow accounts, and even vacation hours accumulated.  This is a huge benefit to drivers that depend on this information to know where they stand and how they are doing at any given point in time.

Aljex Vision manufacturers the Driver Pay Dashboard software.  There is no huge, upfront investment and it is easy and quick to install.  Larger fleet owners can be set up within a matter of days whereas smaller fleets and independent owners/operators as well as brokers can be up and running within hours.  Since this software is internet hosted it’s also nice to know that as new features are added, the program is automatically updated.  For those seeking a more efficient alternative, this is definitely a program that should be investigated further.