RigMaster Power Review

Jim McCormack

When the economy is poor and pennies are tight, finding ways to save money is important.  One example is found during downtime when rigs are generally set in an idling position in order to generate enough power to run basic features like lighting, climate control, and appliances.  However, a new type of generator manufactured by RigMaster Power not only ensures the “lights stay on,” but achieves this goal for a very affordable price.

This system is powered by a 2-cylinder, water-cooled, diesel engine that also has a built-in radiator.  This allows it to run independent of the truck while providing 110 volt house current to run appliances and power tools as well as a 60 amp alternate charger to run marker lights and ensure the truck’s batteries remain fully charged.   Ultimately, the reduced wear-and-tear on engines and lower operating costs make it the ideal solution for many drivers.

The RigMaster Power is a stand-alone generator that is extremely quiet since it has been designed with a dome-shaped cover that seals in noise.  It not only complies with new anti-idling laws, but also reduces pollution, which protects the environment.  Still, there is no reason why truckers must suffer from environmental condition since its stand-alone heating/cooling system has automatic climate control independent of the truck’s coolant and heating systems.

The system is fairly easy to install.  The main unit is securely mounted on the railing beside the saddle tank.  The heating/AC unit and two 110v receptacles are then inconspicuously mounted inside the bunk unit along with a main control panel.  The control panel itself is small with a backlit digital LED display data system that can also come with an optional auto-start feature.

The heating unit produces 13,500 BTUs and draws 16 amps when set on high speed.  The air conditioner, on the other hand, produces 20,000 BTUs and draws 11 amps when set on high speed.  These along with the two 110v receptacles and 60 amp DC adapter that recharges the truck’s batteries are all run by a 14hp Perkins diesel engine that weighs 386 pounds and comes with a one year unlimited hours warranty that includes parts and labor.

Reports from drivers using the RigMaster Power system reported that idling time has dropped to less than 10% and they couldn’t be more pleased.  Some owners report that they use only ½ gallon of diesel for every 6 hours of operation.  Additionally, the fact that the main unit only occupies 30″ of rail space is a real plus and is suitable for use in virtually any class 7 and 8 truck make and model.  These include Peterbilt, International, Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Kenworth, Mack, and many others.

For owners/operators it has been found that the RigMaster Power System’s $7188.00 price tag, not including tax, and $850 installation fee is easily recouped within the first year on lower operating costs.  For many drivers it is well-worth the upfront costs to save thousands over the life of the truck