Women in Trucking (WIT) to Host Reception at ATA

Jim McCormack

The Women in Trucking (WIT) Association is hosting a reception at the conference of the American Trucking Association (ATA) in Las Vegas. The conference welcomes people are keen to connect with carriers that support WIT and its mission.

Open Invitation to Woman


Leigh Foxall, WIT’s Chairwoman of the Board and Director of Sales and Marketing for Internet Truckstop, “We are hosting this event to give industry professionals an update on the activities of WIT, but we are also interested in hearing from carriers who support our goals to better understand how-together-we can bring more women into the trucking industry.”


WIT was established in 2007 with a mission to promote trucking as a career that also welcomes women. The organization addresses hurdles that may deter women from joining or succeeding in the trucking industry. WIT also highlights the achievements of women who are already making their mark in the trucking industry.


The reception is sponsored by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. WIT also holds a “Salute to the Women Behind the Wheel” event each year to recognize professional women drivers. It also gives the “Influential Woman in Trucking” award, which is sponsored by Navistar. WIT also provides an anti-harassment employment guide to its members.

An Altruistic Organization

The association recently formed a Scholarship Foundation to further support the cause it espouses. The group includes over 2,200 members, including both corporate and individuals.